Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome to my blog, Tracy Dog Tells All

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  • Hi, my name's Tracy. I go to work everyday at Deco: Art for Living, a store in Tucson. My job is to greet everyone when they come into the gift gallery. My mom thinks I should have better store behavior. She thinks I bark too much, but that's what a security dog does. I think I'm doing my job. You'll just have to come in (2612 E. Broadway) and see for yourself.

  • While you're in the store you'll want to check out all the cool items, there's jewelry, art, bamboo clothing, artist shirts, decorative accents, toys, and pet items. That's my favorite section, because there's blueberry treats for dogs. Mom feeds them to me because of the antioxidants. But I like them because they are so tasty. Sometimes I model, like in the photograph. I'm trying out one of the beds that was created by a local artist.

The Worst Thing Happened

You're not gonna believe what happened here at Deco. One Saturday, when I wasn't working at the store, they hosted a pet adoption day with The Humane Society of Southern Arizona. My aunt, co-owner of the store, adopted one of the dogs. I know just how it happened as if I was there that day. The dog, a brown cocker, pretended to be recovering from two surgeries and acted all whimpy. He just laid there, as I hear it told. Well, she adopted him. "He's still a puppy," they say. What an excuse! And what a pest. He keeps pawing me. I growl at him, but he just doesn't get it.
He jumps on people that come in the store, too. Well, they thought my store behavior needed improving. One day he tiptoed into the western room and grabbed a bendable cowboy. He chewed it up! Can you believe it? Another time he took a doggy purse and chewed it up. I caught him several more times in the act. One more chewing and he's out of here, I tell you. I'm telling all my followers and Deco customers, hurry in while there's still items for purchase.